成立于2003年,专业研制生产各种美容美发用品。且于2008年通过:ISO9001:2000国际质量体系认证。几年来,公司始终坚持“质量第一、信誉第一、客户第一”的生产经营方针,把质量视为企业的生命,把客户作为企业的上帝....... 几载的艰辛创业,从无到有,从小到大。公司现已在风景秀丽的广州白云区建立了一万多平方米的花园式生产基地,设立了专业的产品研发室、产品试验室,并斥巨资引进德国先进的生产设备,建立了三条自动化专业生产线,生产规模再上一个新的历史台阶。 公司现有专业美发产品十多个系列,300多个品种。产品丰富齐全,洗、染、烫、护、饰五大类,产品在国内市场享有盛名,且远销印尼、泰国、新加坡等东南亚国家。公司积极研制开发及推广更加适应市场的新产品,从经营手段、管理模式、服务方式等多方位参入市场竞争,愿与广大经销商伙伴们共创美好新天地! Guangzhou Junzilan Fine Chemical Industry Co., Ltd was founded in 2003, professionally produce various hairdressing goods. For several years ,our company always persevere in the management guide line of“ quality first, credit standing first, client first”,regard the quality as the life of the company and the client as the God .One footprint for one foot , our company develops the management and developing rode that has the characteristic of “knighthair” ...... For several years of hardly carve out , our company is from nonexistence to existence ,and from small to big. Our company has already built a ten thousand manufacture base in baiyun district that has beautiful scenery ., and set up a professional laboratory and a proving ground for goods. Our company also use a lot of bankroll to fetch in the advanced equipment for producing from Germany, and set up three roboticized specialty product line, so the production scope obtain a new history moment. Our company has more than one hundred employees and more than twenty engineers who have undergraduate course degree for producing products , and forty percent of them have master degree. In order to make our quality of product obtain a higher degree, our company retained a chemistry expert from Japan in June 2004 to come to our factory to give a guide for technology for a long time, and so our company has already developed several hundreds of kinds of hairdressing that are newer variety ,more kind, higher quality, more accord with the fashion for market . Our company has more than ten series of professional hairdressing, more than three hundred variety. The products are abundance, including the five kinds :shampoo,color,perm,conditioner and repair. The products enjoy great reputation in home market, sold to the southeast countries of Asia such as Indonesia,Thailand,Singap,etc. Our company actively develop and extend new products that are more suitable for the market, and our company use management means ,management mode and service manner to participate in the market competition. Hope to make a nice tomorrow with dealers! 展开 公司地址:广州市白云区良田镇环村西工业区388号 (邮编:510545) 地图 公司官网:http://www.knighthair.com/
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